The Jeep Wrangler is one of the longest produced vehicles in America when you consider its basic design and heritage go all the way back to just before World War II started. From the Willys Jeeps that supported the military, through the civilian CJ series and into the modern era when the Wrangler name replaced CJ.

Every year in Moab, Utah, off-road and especially Jeep enthusiasts gather to enjoy a week filled with the kind of use the Jeep was designed for, off-roading and trail driving. The event, Easter Jeep Safari (EJS), allows Jeepers the chance to enjoy some of the toughest and most scenic off-road trails in America, surrounded by fellow enthusiasts sharing a passion for America’s iconic off-road vehicle.

Part of the fun is seeing what kind of Wrangler-based concepts Jeep brings to show off at EJS every year. And these concepts don’t just sit in a lot for people to ogle. They’re actually taken off-road rand demonstrated on the Moab

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