The tightening CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards enacted by the previous administration are finally hitting home, and have automakers looking at engine setups that normally wouldn’t be considered for trucks. After decades of being too shy to dance with the power making temptress known as boost (beyond anything that is diesel) American manufacturers have become rather smitten with using boost on normally anemic, small displacement engines to pump up their power numbers and make them usable in applications they normally wouldn’t, such as full size trucks.

Why? It used to be full size trucks and SUVs were exempt from CAFÉ standards, but that changed after a new mindset came in with the previous administration, and the immense popularity of trucks and SUVs garnered them much more attention from the pollution police. With the boom lowered, automakers looked to the first area that would help them improve fuel economy, weight. This was a major factor in F

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